Home buyers with a real estate agent signing a contract

Rookie Mistakes Home Buyers Should Avoid

Think about all those past purchases that you’ve later regretted. And while you may have wasted your money on these items that were seldom used, they pale in comparison to the amount of money you’d be spending on a home.
December 5, 2022/by admin
Photo of Christmas pastel decorations in a studio

4 Modern Decorating Ideas for the Holidays

For decades, homeowners have covered their homes in the same two colors during the last month of the year. Greenery has long been used as the base color, with bold splashes of red to provide contrast.
November 27, 2022/by admin
Photo of a man holding pros and cons cards

The Pros and Cons of a Home Addition

Whether your family is growing, or your home simply isn’t meeting your needs in terms of space, you’ve got a couple of options: either move to a larger home with more square footage, or add it to your existing home in the form of an addition.
November 21, 2022/by admin
Photo of pumpkins and candle on a wooden table

Fun Ways to Spice Up Your Table for Thanksgiving Dinner

Across the country, households are preparing for one of the biggest holidays of the year. Thanksgiving revolves around one big meal, whether that meal is for only a couple of people or an entire extended family.
November 13, 2022/by admin
Photo of a garden architecture sketch

6 Ways to Boost the Resale Value of Your Home

Regardless of whether or not you’re planning on selling your home in the near future, it pays to make a few updates in order to add value to it. But don’t start dumping hoards of money on major home renovations.
November 7, 2022/by admin
Photo of a tiny Newborn Baby's feet on female Heart Shaped hands

Easy Upgrades That Will Make Your Home Safer for Young Children

As much as you love your home, you look at it completely differently when a young person is around. Whether you’ve just had a baby or your sister is bringing her kids around for the holidays, you’ll instantly see all the dangers that lurk in your bathrooms, kitchen, and living areas.
October 31, 2022/by admin
Photo of a growing succulent in a bucket of fresh soil

What’s Involved in Building a Green Roof?

Homeowners are typically open to any efforts that will effectively help to reduce their utility bills as well as their imprint on the environment, and green roofs can help do exactly that.
October 24, 2022/by admin
Photo of a woman sitting on a sofa while petting her adorable dog on the floor

Top Tips for Selling With Pets in Your Home

Whether you’ve got dogs, cats, hamsters, or bunnies running around at home, they’re part of the family. We love our pets, but that doesn’t mean potential buyers necessarily want to see them – or any evidence of them – when they’re scoping out your home for sale.
October 16, 2022/by admin
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