Close up smiling woman hanging or fixing mirror on wall

3 Tips for Using Mirrors to Improve Your Rooms

Close up smiling woman hanging or fixing mirror on wall

Imagine a world without mirrors. You would have no way to check your appearance before leaving the house every day. You’d be forced to conduct routine grooming activities without the benefit of a clear reflection. But most importantly, your home would look very different than it does today—especially the bathroom. Through strategic placement, you can use mirrors to open up your rooms and create a more contemporary look. Here are a few ways you can use mirrors throughout your house.

Increase Light

More than ever, homes are being built to enhance lighting in as many rooms as possible. Open floor plans and large windows bring sunlight into major living areas, making spaces feel open and bright. Unfortunately, not all homeowners can afford to buy a new house, finding themselves forced to deal with a home with few windows and walled-off rooms. Even in an open-plan home, there can be dark spots, including in hallways, foyers, and small bedrooms.

With the right placement, mirrors can reflect natural sunlight, making a dark space look much brighter. Simply find a window and place the mirror directly across from it. If the window is on the wrong wall, either a floor mirror or a movable wall mirror can be positioned to reflect the sunlight at an angle. If you’re dealing with a windowless room, place the mirror across from a light-painted wall or lamp to mimic the effect.

Grow a Room

You may not realize it, but mirrors naturally increase the size of a room, creating an optical illusion of extra square footage. Mirrors have become especially popular in the kitchen in recent years, serving as a great way to improve the appearance of backsplashes and cooking areas.

A large mirror is best for adding space to a room, but those can be extremely expensive. You can instead group smaller mirrors together on one wall in a gallery-like fashion. If you’re on a budget, you may find it easier to find small, matching mirrors at a discount at thrift stores and consignment shops.

Gain Visibility

Having your back to the room behind you can be disconcerting. Feng Shui experts find that many people have difficulty concentrating if the door is behind them. However, while you may be able to set up a desk in an office to face the door, there are instances where facing the wall is the only option. A desk may have been built into a wall or a corner may be the only option for office setup. In the kitchen, you probably find that you’re often facing a wall as you cook and wash dishes.

When a room requires a person face the wall, Feng Shui experts recommend placing a mirror that provides visibility at al times. The mirror will help overcome the distraction that comes from not being able to see behind you.

Mirrors are a great addition to every room of the house. Whether you’re dealing with low lighting, small rooms, or unfortunate seating positioning, a mirror can make a big difference in resolving any issues you have.