These Things Will Have Your Mortgage Denied, Even After Pre-Approval

Real estate professionals will always advise their buyer clients to get pre-approved for a mortgage. Why? For a few reasons.
June 22, 2017/by Admin

How a Pre-Listing Home Inspection Can Speed Up the Real Estate Transaction

The majority of residential real estate contracts typically come with a contingency that allows the buyer to have the home inspected by a professional before the deal is sealed. Buyers usually pay for this service themselves, while sellers simply allow them to book a few hours to inspect the home from top to bottom. So, if the buyer is arranging - and paying for - a home inspection, why should you as a seller pay to have your own pre-inspection done?
June 19, 2017/by Admin

How to Sell a Home in "As Is" Condition

Often, sellers will have to put in a little elbow grease and invest time and money order an effort to make the home look more attractive and "move-in ready" for buyers. A home that doesn't show well is more likely to turn buyers off and send them in the direction of another listed home in the neighborhood.
June 15, 2017/by Admin

What’s the Difference Between Market and Assessed Value?

If you're planning to sell your home some time soon, knowing its current market value is extremely important in order to price your home right. Of course, many sellers tend to believe that their homes are worth a lot more than what they really are. But it's not wise to establish a listing price based solely on what you might think your property is worth.
June 13, 2017/by Admin

Buying a Home With a Pool? You Should Have it Inspected

A swimming pool is not exactly a foreign feature among homes. In fact, if you're looking to buy a home, the odds of finding one with a pool are pretty high, especially further south. And just like any other component in a home, they're subject to break down over time.
June 8, 2017/by Admin

5 Savvy Tips to Packing Delicate Items When You Move

The odds of your most fragile belongings suffering damage during a big move are pretty high if the necessary precautions aren't taken into consideration. It's vital that you take the time to properly package and label your delicate items in order to make sure that they arrive to their final destination in one piece.
June 6, 2017/by Admin

INFOGRAPHIC: 12 Fast Tips To Staging Your Home Yourself

Planning on selling? Here are some quick tips to staging your home that will attract the masses of buyers.
June 2, 2017/by Admin

Myths Vs. Facts About Home Appraisals

Appraisals are almost always a part of a real estate transaction, but many buyers and sellers often have misconceptions about what they are and how they're carried out. Even those who have some experience buying and selling in the past may still be misinformed about appraisals.
May 30, 2017/by Admin
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